My Vacation Style Inspo

Today we leave for our cruise to Bermuda! I am beyooond excited to take a little break from the real world and get lost in beaches, friends and margaritas! One of my favorite things about vacations other than the actual leaving part are styling my outfits!

I love planning out what to bring and wear and spending hours on Pinterest and shopping sites trying to use my own pieces to make versions of what I see!

Since it is the beginning of vacation season, I figured I’d share my 2019 vacation style inspiration with you and where you can buy similar looks!

Comfortable and Light


I am so obsessed with light, airy, comfortable clothes that you can dress up and down! This look especially! I saw this and knew I needed to find something similar to bring with me.

Linen clothing is becoming a huge staple piece in wardrobes again - and nothing screams beach more than pairing it with wicker-like accessories and a sunhat. Below are the pictures and links to items where you can purchase a similar look.

Each one of these items is under $30. I personally have gotten the hat, both pairs of pants, the crop shirt and rattan mules and each are great quality! All of these can be found between Amazon, Old Navy, Target and J. Crew Factory!

Day at the Beach


This picture gave me allll the feels! Super easy to put together and make your own! Messy hair, don’t care vibes that look presentable and cute with a tied bandana?? YES PLEASE. Check out my picks below!

Most of these you can purchase from Target, Aerie, or Amazon - again all under $30! I personally like men’s button up’s because they are more roomie and easier to tie! Women’s are usually made to fit your shape, where I’d rather it a little loose. But either way, Any option above could be paired with some cute high-waisted swimsuit bottoms! I like the quality or Aerie’s, but you could also find soooo many options on Amazon, Target, or your favorite place to buy swimsuits! I know Aerie doesn’t typically sell many plus size items, but I did find sites like Torrid and even Target has a pretty cute selection of plus size high waisted bikini bottoms!

Casual but Cute Tourist


Another swoon-worth photo that is so super easy to recreate! I think this is a perfect look for a day exploring and shopping. A simply, light tee-shirt, some non-chafing jean shorts (amirght?), cute sneaks and cute bandana (I won’t post more of those since a ton are linked above!).

For some cute sunglasses and other accessories, I highly suggest checking out Colette.Prime’s page on Instagram or Amazon! Seriously - her Amazon shop is where I have bought half my clothes this year. She carefully curates looks based off of items she purchases and then shares them with you. You can find her Amazon store here!

Dinner and a Night Out


GIVE ME ALL THE COLOR! Corals and reds and yellows are a few of my favorite color picks for this summer. Finding super cute flowy midi/maxi dresses and pairing them with a small wedge or heel is such a time saving way to look your best out to dinner!

The first in the slide I did purchase and am SO obsessed with it. I cannot wait to wear it in Bermuda! It is so comfortable and light but is lined so you’ve got good coverage! I only posted two shoe options because I feel like everyone is different with shoes and the comfort level they want to be at! I personally go between wedges and sandals so I posted my favorite small heels and cute wedges!

Bathing Suits


Here is a roundup of some of my favorite swimsuits this season. I am not really a bikini kind of gal - so I don’t have many of those to show you. But I do love two pieces with high waisted bottoms so there are options for those as well!

I own the first photo in the slide and love it. COvers my butt, is a true wrap so I can tighten how I need, the straps are adjustable. For an Amazon find, it is killer. The third photo here I purchased before the first. Problem is, it is one size for both the top and bottom. So you can’t order one size for the top and one for the bottom. I ordered in a size small and the top fit fine, but the bottoms were WAY too snug. I could have used a medium on them. It was SUCH a cute suit, but not feasible for us who aren’t equal proportioned.

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See y’all in week!


Love always,