Style Guide: Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City

For my bachelorette party, I didn't want to do the traditional 'norms' that have been done lately. I knew I wanted to incorporate white into my outfits, and do fun, matchy things with my girls, but I didn't want anything that said "bride tribe" or "bride squad" - I wanted to get things that my bridesmaids, and me, would wear again after the weekend was over!

I found perfect outfits and gifts for my girls that I thought were great for the weekend and after!

First, our koozies! I absolutely loved these. We spent two days on the beach, and these were perfect to hold our drinks in! I got these off of Etsy from a shop called Luck Ten, and they did such an amazing job. The fronts had our names and 'title' (bridesmaid, MOH, Bride etc.) and the backs (not pictured) said 'Bach Shit Crazy' and our wedding hashtag - #hellocostello2018. The girls loved them and so did I! I was able to customize what it said and in what font! Steven and Kyla were easy to work with and send a proof before they make them so you can make sure it is what you want! 



Next were our hats. These were the biggest hit of all I think. I found these hats on Amazon, but they also have an Etsy site! All the girls had hats that said 'thug life' and mine said 'thug wife'. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but it fit our personalities so well that I couldn't not get them. The girls still send me pictures randomly of them wearing the hats even now and that makes me so happy because I love mine so much, too! You can find them here on Amazon, or here on Etsy!

My bathing suit I got from ASOS and is linked here for the top, and here for the bottoms. I got a size 2 in the top since I am smaller chested and a size 4 in the bottoms which is true to size. What I love about ASOS is that you can take a quiz based on your size and fit in other stores and it will tell you what they suggest for your size. It hasn't done me wrong yet! The bathing suit is on sale right now, too! 

Thug wife.jpg
thug life hats.jpg

For our night out, our plan was for the girls to wear all black and I was going to wear white. When I was searching for a dress to wear to the club, I couldn't find anything that I loved. I'm not super into bodycon dresses (because ya girl bloats and I knew if we were drinking and eating all weekend, that wasn't going to fly). So I went on ASOS and found the CUTEST top to wear with black jeans and I loved it. I got so many compliments and it fit me so well, I was so happy I decided to get that instead of a dress. Plus, I was also really comfortable the whole night!

The shirt I got in a size 4 which is true to size for me. You can find it linked here. My black pants are some of my favorite pants I have ever worn. They are stretchy but don't stretch out as you wear them. They hug me in all the right places and are high-waisted. I got them when I first tried Amazon Wardrobe and I seriously may get another pair just in case they ever sell out! I got mine for $18.75 so they went up a bit in price, but you can track it using Honey on your desktop and they'll email you and track the price! You can find those linked here . I would link my shoes but I got them so long ago and can't even remember where I got them. I tried to search for them and couldn't find them either, but any black or nude heel works! Or, you could dress it up and give it some spice with red heels, too! The necklace I got off of Lulu's for $15! It is currently out of stock, but you can put your email in for them to notify you when it's back, or I found some alternatives linked here: 

                                  Necklace alternative 1                              Necklace alternative 2                        Necklace alternative 3

night out outfit.jpg

We had the best time in Atlantic City and I can't thank my bridesmaids and friends enough for all they did for me. And a big thank you to my bridesmaid Katie for letting us all stay in her home for the weekend (and also a big thank you to Dom for being such a good sport about having so many girls in his house as well and being so gracious taking us around). 

This week marks ONE MONTH until the wedding and I cannot wait to share every last bit of it with you.

Love always, xoxo.

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