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I don't know why I didn't do this a long time ago, but with the wedding coming up so soon and all our families coming (some for the first time), I figured I would do a whole post about our favorite places in Nashville to see and eat! I'm going to break to down by neighborhood - that way you'll be able to plan what to do in each place, whether that's to shop, eat, or sightsee! Now, I won't name all the places in these neighborhoods that are there - just the ones we really love and like to frequent because we know they're good!

Photo by Nashville Guru

Photo by Nashville Guru


The Nations:

The Nations is a neighborhood in west Nashville, right near where we live! This is an up and coming little neighborhood featuring beautiful houses, coffee shops, and of course, Fat Bottom Brewery! Below are our favorite places here!


Frothy Monkey ($$): Frothy Monkey is a coffee shop/restaurant featuring some amazing bathroom tile, sleek wood elements, and just a really chill, relaxed vibe. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner while also having a great selection of coffees/expressos, teas, wine, beer and more! We love going here to just talk and eat!  

51st Kitchen and Bar ($$): We absolutely adore this place. We haven't eaten anything there yet, but we love their cocktails, beer, and atmosphere. 51st is a dog park/bar with a gorgeous outdoor patio to sit and relax at. Personally, my favorite drink on their menu is a blueberry mojito! You can't go wrong stopping for a refreshing drink here.

51st North Taproom ($$): Another great place to eat and drink. While they do have a small outdoor patio, we always stay inside in the air conditioning! They have couches to sit and relax on, a large bar seating section with TV's, and booths/tables. I love their 51st North Cobb salad with the Capone cocktail!

Original Corner Pub ($): This pub just recently opened this location in the Nations, and we really loved it! They have a large area inside to sit and eat, a large deck, and a patio below to play cornhole or just relax! They have super reasonably priced cocktails and beers so if you're looking to save a little money but still have great service, this is your place! 

Southern Grist ($): This is another brewery in the same building as Frothy Monkey. It is small and new and has some great tasting beer and apps!


Able($$$$): I love Able for a couple reasons. For one, they have really cute things. I got a small, square, gold necklace with the letter "c" engraved in it before my bridal shower and I wear it every single day. What makes it even more special is that everything is handmade/manufactured/engraved etc. by women. When you make a purchase, you get a card that tells you who it was made by. On their website they say "ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. We manufacture directly in the communities we wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency." While their items are on the pricier side, the cause and place your money is going is well worth the extra money. Even if you don't buy anything, go inside and check out their amazing space.

Project 615($$): This is your place for anything Nashville related! From t-shirts, ball caps, tanks and hoodies - everything they sell is Nashville themed. Project 615 is another one of those companies who are out to help the community. In their about me they say "Project 615 is a mission minded company focused on changing the world. Since 2010, we have been able to hire 49 people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. In addition to mission hires we have also been able to give away over $350,000 to world changing causes". When you make a purchase here, you are also making a difference in the community (plus, all their shirts and hoodies are so soft and comfy that you kinda can't leave without one).

Sylvan park

Sylvan Park is a cute neighborhood to walk around in and explore. Along with the shops and restaurants, there is a little park and golf course! The houses in this area are really beautiful and it is a nice little quiet getaway less than 10 minutes from downtown. 


Edley's BBQ ($$): We love Edley's. They have a great outdoor patio, nice selection of beers and cocktails, and their food is top notch. If you're looking for really good BBQ, this is the place to check out! (There are more locations than this one - this is just the one closest to the venue.)

Star Bagel ($): Great breakfast/lunch place! They sell bagels, bagel sandwiches, smoothies, coffee etc. and they taste amazing. It's a small little shop and they make things fresh daily (including their cream cheese)!

Local Taco ($$): This is my favorite taco place. It is a more "modern" and American twist on tacos, but they have such a great variety and I haven't had one I didn't like. My favorites and the Avocado and Spicy Shrimp tacos. Their queso is delicious and I especially love their street corn! This is a great place to go grab a margarita, a couple apps and tacos and just relax! 

Hattie B's ($): A little disclaimer on this one, I have never eaten the hot chicken at Hattie B's. I've had their sides, but never their actual food. With that being said, Hattie B's is the known go-to place for hot chicken. Nashville Hot Chicken has become a phenomenon and this is the place to check it out. The lines are usually pretty long (they are that popular) but they go quickly and are apparently worth the wait!  This is located on Charlotte Pike, right on the main road in between The Nations and Sylvan Park!

Sandbar ($$$): While the Sandbar isn't technically in Sylvan Park, it is the closest neighborhood to it and is only about 2 minutes away. Sandbar is a really cool outdoor bar where you can play volleyball and drink rum and coconut juice straight out of a real coconut. It's made out of storage units and is a really awesome, chill bar to relax at. It is a more pricer place than some of the bars around it, but for the experience, it is cool to check out!


Elle Gray ($$$): Elle Gray is a cute little boutique right next to Local Taco. They sell primarily women's clothing and shoes but they also have accessories and novelty items!


12 south

12 South is a busy tourist spot! Here you will find murals to take pictures in front of, cute little shops and delicious restaurants. There are so many little hidden gems here so I would definitely suggest checking it out! There is also a nice park/walking trail!


Bar Taco ($$$): Bar Taco is another modern/American twist on tacos! In my opinion, I like Local Taco way more, but Bar Taco is the cute, hip place everyone loves to go to get some good mexican on 12S. They usually do "Secret tacos" that change every so often so make sure to ask what it is that day!

Burger Up ($$$): Great burgers and fries here! If you're looking for gourmet burgers like you've never had before, I highly recommend this place!

Edley's ($$): There is another Edley's in this location!  

Embers Ski Lodge ($$): I really like this place. They have really good food, great service and a good variety of drinks. They have shot ski's here as well that are fun to do with a group of people! It's a great environment and place to watch some TV and relax in the cold air!

Five Daughters Bakery ($$): This is a cute little donut place in 12S that is family owned and operated. Their donuts/sweets are made daily! They have so many different types and kinds of donuts and they are sweet. I mean, super sweet! So if you've got a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place to check out!

Jeni's ($$): Jeni's sells really good ice cream! They have so many different flavors and their waffle cones are made right there, fresh, in house!


Draper James ($$$$): Draper James is Reese Witherspoon's boutique! It is such a cute little store next to Edley's! When you walk in, the offer you some sweet tea while you walk around and browse. They are super expensive - and I don't say that lightly lol. They are definitely a high end boutique, but I always walk in and see what they have and you never know, you may run into Reese!  

Imogene + Willie ($$$):  They basically just sell a whole lot of denim here, so if you're in the market for some quality denim, this is you place!

Savant Vintage ($-$$$$): This is a really cool store to check out if you're into vintage things. They have everything from clothes, to nic naks to deer heads etc. It's just a fun place to spend some time looking at vintage items!

MODA Boutique ($$$): This is primarily a women's apparel and accessories store! 

Summer Classics ($$$$): Summer Classics is an indoor/outdoor furniture/decor store! They have beautiful southern style decorations and furniture to maybe spark that creativity in your to bring home to your own place! 

Wags and Whiskers ($$): If you have any furry family back home, Wags and Whiskers is a cute little holistic pet store you should definitely check out!

White's Mercantile ($$$): White's is a modern general store featuring everything from home decor, to books and kitchen supplies! It is really cute and worth the stop in. 


Edgehill is a short little strip mainly for shopping and eating! If you are planning on having one nice dinner on your trip, I would highly suggest Barcelona. I still dream about their food. I would visit here if you have more of a targeted place you want to be - it is only one street but it is right near music row (where all the recording studios are located) and music circle which is a roundabout with a mural close to Demonbreun street where all the bars are!


Taco Mamacita ($$): Another great place for tacos (can you tell I like tacos????). It's a lot like Local Taco and Bar Taco but i'd say it's the in between of them! Local Taco is your most affordable in my opinion, then Taco Mamacita. They have a really nice outdoor patio to eat on or you stay inside which is really cute! 

Barcelona Wine Bar ($$$): You read that right. This restaurant is a tapas style place and you can't go wrong with one thing on their menu. And obviously they have alllllll the wine and if you're a wino like me, you're going to love it.

Old Glory ($$$): This is a hidden bar behind Taco Mamacita that has no sign (hence why it's hidden - they did this on purpose). You walk in, walk down some stairs, and it's like you stepped back in time to a speakeasy style bar. They have private booths and most nights feature a DJ. Their drinks are really good but cocktails are a bit more than average. 

shop (i'm going to just list the names because they are all mostly APPAREL)

Kore ($$$): Design/gift boutique 

J. Crew - The Men's Shop ($$$)

American Threads ($$$)

Alton Lane ($$)

Warby Parker ($$)


Germantown is such a cute place to explore to see old houses, new restaurants, and sweet boutiques. It is right on the outskirts of downtown and has great views of the skyline! Right around the corner is the Farmers Market as well, and that is something really neat to check out and grab some fresh fruit!


312 Pizza Company ($$): 312 is a Chicago style pizzeria with large, deep dish pizzas, beers, and sandwiches. It's a great place to stop and grab some good pizza!

5th and Taylor ($$$): This is a bar/restaurant open only form 5-10 on weekdays, Friday and Saturday is 5-11 and Sunday they are open for brunch 10-2, then dinner 5-10. They have great drinks with a great atmosphere!

Butchertown Hall ($$): Trendy, American style restaurant and bar. They have a great brunch and patio in a very historic looking part of Germantown. Definitely a great place to check out for a relaxing afternoon and some refreshing cocktails or wine. 

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint ($): Really good burgers and beer!!! If you're looking for a simple, cheap place to get some good food and a drink, this is your place in this neighborhood. 

Von Elrod's ($$): This is a trendy new bar right next to the Sounds stadium. They have 36 beers on tap, a great menu, and what they call a "big ass mimosa" for brunch on Saturday's and Sunday's! It is usually pretty busy but worth the wait!


There are a ton of little boutiques spread throughout Germantown. I, personally, have never been in any, but if you use Google Maps or Nashville Guru, you can search and find some place that interests you! They are mostly women's boutiques so keep that in mind. But, Germantown is a beautiful part of Nashville with new and old houses and buildings. It definitely is a place to see!

The Gulch

The Gulch is definitely a more higher end part of the city. Shops and restaurants down here won't be too cheap, but there are cheaper options! I used to work in the Gulch and Justin works up above in Cummin's Station so the Gulch holds a lot of significance to us! Since it is in the heart of downtown, it's a great place to walk and see and then head up the stairs to Demonbreun Street and take a walk straight downtown - past Bridgestone Arena and right onto Broadway!


Biscuit Love ($$): This is a very hyped about restaurant. They serve breakfast and brunch and are open from 7 AM to 3 PM. They serve biscuits, biscuits sandwiches etc. There is usually a line out the door so be prepared for a little wait.

Burger Republic ($$): There is some really good food at Burger Republic. I recommend the tater tot fondue, spinach and crab dip, if you're a garlic lover, their 4 cheese garlic bacon burger is AMAZING, and then you have to finish off with one of their non-alcoholic or alcoholic shakes! All "burgers" come with a choice of meat so any sandwich can be eaten with beef burger, veggie burger, turkey burger, or a chicken breast!

LA Jackson ($$$): This is a rooftop bar/restaurant on top of the Thompson Hotel on 11th Ave S. You enter through the hotels main entrance and take the elevators up to the roof! They have good but pricey drinks and food. I would suggest going here for a night cap glass of wine just for the experience!

Milk and Honey ($$): A cute breakfast/lunch/dinner place for a mix of different types of food! They also sell gelato that I believe is homemade but don't quote me on that. Their menu is extensive for each meal so there is definitely something there for everyone.

Saint Anejo ($$$): Pretty good American/Mexican food! I like their drinks and apps the most! I personally think there are better mexican places in Nashville, but this is a very trendy spot. So if you're into that, check it out!

Virago ($$$): This is higher end sushi. Their rolls are GOOD but they are also pricey. We like sitting up on the "rooftop" and getting a drink and rolls to share! Then finish with some Mochi - a premium Hawaiian ice cream with a sweet rice wrapper. They are DELICIOUS. 

There are also chain restaurants here as well including Bar Louie, The Pub, Potbelly, Juice Bar etc. So there is a large selection. But most above have less location around and are slightly more "Nashville" based. 


Blush ($-$$$): Blush is a women's and girl's boutique with clothes, shoes and accessories!

Carter Vintage Guitars ($$$$$$$): I doubt anyone will walk in Carter's and buy anything, but it is really neat to go check out all the different guitars/instruments in there! We once saw a ukulele for almost $10,000 so it is pretty neat to see! You can pick up a guitar, play and relax in the air for a quick break!

E. Allen ($$): Another cute boutique. They sometimes have Nashville hats or accessories as well.

Two Old Hippies ($-$$$): If you choose to go into any shop, choose this one. It is not only a store for clothing, they sell books, cards, guitars and they also sometimes hold shows in the back. Every time we are in the Gulch with guests we take them here because of all the cool and different things they have!

Uncommon James ($$$): This is a new jewelry store by Kristin Cavallari from The OC and The Hills. There are some cute and fun accessories in this place and it is new!

There is also a Loft and Urban Outfitters in the Gulch!

Hillsboro village 

We do not make it down to Hillsboro enough but it is definitely a GREAT place for a variety of foods and shopping. There is literally so much, that I decided I would just link the Nashville Guru page here so you can check out all the places yourself. There are so many great places to eat (we just tried Taco Mama and that was pretty dang good and inexpensive) but there is also such a diverse section for shopping! You can check out all that HIllsboro has to offer HERE. You can click each tag depending what you're looking for!



Midtown is more of a bar/going out scene. There are definitely places to eat here during the day, but my categories for this one are going to be a bit different. Midtown is one of my favorite places to go out - especially in the summer when the college kids aren't at school. Midtown has one of my FAVORITE restaurants though that I would highly suggest checking out! There aren't many places to shop here, so this is mostly where to eat and drink!


Chuy's: ($) One of my favorite restaurants in Nashville hands down. This is a chain, but I am obsessed with their Strawberry Mojito, chicken taco salad and any frozen marg! Sit outside on their patio and people watch for HOURS. It truly is one of the best Tex-Mex places!

Tavern: ($$): Great place to go for brunch. You will wait a bit, but they have two for one drinks and really great meals for brunch. We have never been for dinner, but we really love this place! 

Hattie B's ($): There is another Hattie B's down here. Still just as busy as the other hot chicken places!

Hopsmith Tavern ($$): This is where we are having our rehearsal dinner we love it that much! THeir street corn is some of the best I have ever had, they have lots of draft beers, and the environment is really cool, too!

Nada ($$$): Another trendy mexican place. Good salsa, good drinks, but I will say all the tacos are pretty spicy lol so be warned!

drink- list of bars we like here

Kung-Fu Saloon

Winners and Losers

Red Door


Broadway Brewhouse

honorable mentions

Obviously you have to check out Broadway/Downtown. I feel like that is a given. You can click here for a list of shops and bars on broadway! The rest of these are places around broadway and south broadway that we like or would be neat to see! Click here to see a full list of places in south broadway!


Acme Feed and Seed

Frothy Monkey

Goo Goo (chocolates)
Legendary Milkshake Bar


Rare Bird

Hard Rock


The Diner


Rare Bird


Pinewood Social

FGL House

Headquarters Beercade

Honky Tonk Central

Ole Red

Tequila Cowboy


We love Nashville and everything there is to see and do. There is so much more than just this list. For an updated list of places and things to do/see/events happening, I always suggest and look to nashvilleguru.com. They are my forever resource for everything Nashville! 

We can't wait to see everyone in Nashville and can't wait to hear about your experiences here!

Love always, xoxo


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