Collaboration with The Internets MOH


You all know how much I like to be organized - I've said it in so many blog posts, on Instagram etc. I shared with you how to make your own wedding planning binder not too long ago, but if you just don't have the time, or would rather find one worth your while AND money, then I have the perfect one for you! I got a message on Instagram from Kayla, another wedding blogger who wants to do everything she can to help take the stress of wedding planning away. This girl has come up with a binder of over 200 pages that includes everything you will need to help plan and organize your wedding. A little bit about Kayla - she lives in Manhattan with her husband (who by the way, she met when she was FIFTEEN). She loved planning her wedding so much, that she wanted to do everything she could to help other brides, too (see how much we have in common??)! She truly is your "virtual" maid of honor and has so many useful tools and things to help you along your journey!

I've carefully gone through her wedding planning binder and it really is what I believe to be the holy grail of wedding planning binders. Yes, it is over 200 pages long but for ALL the right reasons! She has seriously thought of everything. You can tell how much time and effort she has put into this. There were things included that I didn't even think of. So, here is a list of what are some of the best (and totally original) parts of her wedding binder that I believe sets it apart from anything else:

1. Hashtag Inspiration

Y'all. Hashtags are super in right now for weddings. It took us MONTHS to come up with one of our own wedding, and we aren't very creative people. She has made a guide that not only has you write down different aspects of your relationship and about one another to help you along, but she also has pages worth of other hashtags you could possibly put your own spin on! It is a super modern-day resource, but if you're into that, I think this was a great idea to include.

2. Budget and Checklist

I have to mention this because this is what a lot of brides and grooms look for when planning their wedding - a guide to help them along! She includes everything on a budget spreadsheet to keep you organized, plus a month by month checklist of what you should accomplish in that time period! I am a list maker so this was one of the biggest things I wanted included in my own wedding binder.

3. Guest List

Included is also a place to keep all your guests, their information, and a place for you to keep track of what you've sent to them! 

4. Registry

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART. She breaks down things you may forget when building your registry. I have been working on ours since we got engaged, and while websites have information on there as guides, they may not include some things! She breaks it down by room and lists things you may need plus, she includes an area for you to write your own ideas down too so you don't forget! 

5. Bar Resource

This is something not a lot of people think of (and I have not seen a wedding planning binder include this before), and struggle to come up with ways to figure it out! If you're buying the alcohol for your wedding, she includes all the information you'll need including how much to buy of what drink, for a certain amount of people. I am a part of a lot of wedding groups on Facebook and I see people asking for help with this every day. 

6. Floral Inspiration

I really thought this was so creative and so cool to think to include. If you're anything like me and know NOTHING about flowers, her flower guide (that is broken down by the colors of the flowers) will be so helpful. When I was picking out my flowers, I was telling the girl the look I was going for and the colors I wanted to include. She was so amazing and sending me photos to approve of what some would look like, but if you're anything like me, you like to be prepared and I hated that I wasn't. Kayla includes a ton of different flowers in each color that can help you build the perfect bouquet!

7. Music Inspiration

She has made a list of a bunch of different songs to play during all the different parts of your wedding - from the ceremony all the way down to the song played during your cake cutting! Some songs I didn't even think of and am so glad she included this so I could add it to our playlist!

8. Day of Packing

I cannot tell you how useful this is going to be for me. I seriously can't sleep the night before a trip because I usually lay in bed panicking i'm going to forget to bring something. One of the things that has been stressing me out the most about our wedding day is remembering all the things I need to bring with me! She even breaks it down - from wedding planning to what you'll need for the ceremony, reception etc. I know this is going to come in handy for me and for you, too!

9. Day of Tasks

Also included is a list of tasks to remember to do that day, too! Some of the things you can probably hand off to your real MOH or your wedding planner/day of coordinator (if you have one) but it really eases your mind having it written in front of you just in case!

10. Seating Chart

One of the most dreaded parts about wedding planning: organizing a seating chart. I love that Kayla included not only a list for you to use, broken down by table number, but she also has table diagrams of different sized/shaped tables so you can plan it that way, too! 

This list is only 10 of the many sections she's included in this binder, but they are definitely by favorites. If you've been looking for the perfect wedding planning binder, seriously, look no further. She is selling this completely printable binder for $27. Over 200 pages for $27. If you search the internet for a wedding planning binder, you're looking at at least $40 and it won't have nearly as many pages as hers has. You can also use the code MARRIAGEMILESTONES3 for some mulah off of it - just for my lovely followers! I have to note, that the only thing I got out of this was this lovely binder. Kayla reached out to me so I could give her my honest opinion and I really think it's the bees knees and that's why I wanted to share it with you all! 

I would love to hear your feedback if you do use this, and I know Kayla would too! You can find the binder, her information, and her website linked below!

Love always,