Wedding Invitation Hack That Will Blow. Your. Mind.

Y'all do I have a good one for you today! If you're planning a wedding or recently engaged, I'm sure you're thinking "holy crap, this is al so expensive" because ya girl thinks that every single day. Justin and I have made our own excel spreadsheet for budgeting (there are great online ones, too!) and have been doing super well at saving up - especially for our first big payments coming up. But still, seeing those big numbers is super overwhelming and we are at the point now where we are like save! save! save! however we can! A few months ago I asked my Facebook friends for some advice and some things they wished they didn't spend as much money on. One of the biggest answers was invitations, and for good reason! Half the time, they sit on someones fridge until the wedding is over and then they get tossed in the trash. Plus, invitations average cost for 150 invitations (including place cards, programs, menu cards and thank you cards) is around $650!!! For pieces of paper that will be thrown or recycled. No way, not today, satan. So i've been doing my research and looking everywhere for a better solution and I have found the saving grace. Some of you may already know this option, but I had to share it for those who may not!

If you've never been on the website Etsy, it is a dark hole for anyone who loves spending money on things you don't need but have to have, ya feel me? I love Etsy for so many reasons - one being that a lot of the shops on there are small business owners selling their art, designs, objects, etc. So not only are you buying handmade, quality items, you're helping out the small businesses! On Etsy, I have discovered a lot of people who sell templates for anything. Cards, resumes, return address stamps, websites - the list could go on for days. I happened to search "wedding invitation template" one day and discovered a whole new and inexpensive world.

Thousands of all different style wedding invitations that are completely customizable to what you want and most for $30>. Some even include your details insert and RSVP cards that match your design (if you plan on using those). I found a design for $17 where I can customize the invitation down the the color and shape of the flowers. Do you know how expensive it really is to go to a shop that customizes invitations for you???? Y'all it's so expensive that I actually shed a tear. Using Etsy supports the little guys and saves you lots of mulah! Yes you will have to put a little bit of sweat into them, but the money you save is well worth it! Once you have the template, you can get them printed at a local print shop, Staples, OfficeMax or where ever you prefer, on whatever you prefer. I estimated about 100 invitations (2 on each sheet of cardstock) is going to cost around $30 to print. I will have to cut them, but if you have a paper cutter available (or even go buy one) you are saving approximately $590 on wedding invitations. Some places on there will even make templates for envelope addressing! $7 and you enter the addresses/names into the template, and then all you have to do is print them and this can be done on your own printer! Then, all you have to do is get them printed, stuff them, and stamp them!

We wrote all the addresses for our save the dates and bought a return stamp customized on Etsy for $20. While I would write out our wedding invitations to save money if I had to, $7 isnt going to break the bank. To have them written neatly and printed right on the envelope sounds way better to my neck and hand! With all the money we'll be saving going this route, it it super worth it to me! 

If this sounds appealing to you, just type into your browser and in the search box write "wedding invitation template" for a general, overall search. If you know you want colorful wedding invites, maybe include "colorful wedding invitation template" or "simple wedding invitation template" and anything you want and need will be right at your fingertips! I have linked the shop I used here. To go directly to the envelopes, you just have to click here

If you use this option, I would LOVE to see what you came up with! Justin and I found the perfect one for our wedding and I can't wait to share it with everyone! 

Happy wedding planning!

Love always,