Wedding Planning Update #2

Happy March!! I cannot believe we are already 3 months into 2018. March for us means only 6 months left until our wedding + today is actually 200 days left until the big day! I can't believe we are halfway there already! There is so much that still needs to be done, but I haven't updated y'all in a while about what we have done since the initial rush of booking things (to check out that blog post, click here). We haven't done much, but we've done enough important things to make it exciting.

First and foremost, Justin's suit is officially picked out and on order. We went to Men's Warehouse because they were running a deal, plus there are Men's Warehouse's everywhere so we knew his groomsmen who are all over would be able to access one. We are going with a navy suit to correspond with our primary wedding colors/vibe (navy, wine, and gold). We have more than just that, but you'll get to see all that the day of. He looked so handsome in his suit and I'm not gonna lie, I definitely teared up seeing him dressed up like that - knowing the next time he had it on all together would be the day he marries me. I still get butterflies thinking about that.

Secondly, I started really looking into wedding jewelry. I ordered a pair of earrings and a necklace that I want to try with my dress to see if they go together. I purchased both from Lulu's (of course) and they didn't cost more than $30 total. Without giving too much away, I wanted to get jewelry that had an edge and flare to it and what I found is definitely edgy but chic. I'm hoping once it comes in, it will help piece it all together a little more! I also booked my wedding dress alterations appointment. Not super exciting, but my dress is a little too large for me so I am excited to see what it looks like when it fits!

My bridal shower is coming up in May, so I have gotten my dress and shoes for that! We decided we would drive home for that so it will be a long, but well worth it, trip home! Along with that, my bridesmaids and I are going to Atlantic City for my bachelorette party! One of my bridesmaids, Katie, actually lives there and ever so graciously offered up her home for us that weekend. I can't wait to be sitting beachside with all my best gals. I'd love to hear about your bachelor/bachelorette party plan/experiences! Let me know in the comments below. Also, you have have any *must see* places for Atlantic City, I'd love to hear those, too!

We also started browsing wedding rings! I've had an idea in my mind for a while, so we visited a local jewelry shop called Consider the Wldflowers which is located here in Nashville. They have a ring I have been eyeing for a few months, so I went and tried it on and I think I have my mind set! Justin also tried on some rings and he found a few he really likes, too! We'll probably look at ordering them in July, but we just wanted to start getting some ideas on looks and on price! 

We've done menial things like pay deposits and stuff like that, but I think the second most exciting thing we've done (besides pick out Justin's suit) was book our honeymoon!! I'm writing up a seperate blog post all about that, but it is booked and I just can't wait to be honeymoonin' with my honey (aka husband ahhh!). 

All in all, 2018 has treated us graciously so far and there are many more exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

Love always,