Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It's Valentine's Week y'all and if you're anything like me, I love celebrating any holiday I can! Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you and your significant other want to celebrate this year but need some help deciding what to do, i've got some great low key to splurge ideas comin' at ya!

1. Dinner and Bowling

Cliche for some, but I have really started to love bowling again! It's a cheap way to go have some mindless fun with the person you love! Spice it up with a little friendly competition (loser makes dinner for the next week??) or keep it simple and just have fun! Start the night by stopping at your favorite restaurant to fuel up and you've got the perfect Valentine's Date night! (Average cost: $60 total for dinner ($40) and 2 games of bowling if you keep it simple!)

2. MYO Dinner & Roller Skating

Another easy Valentine's Day date night is dinner at home and a night roller skating I have been DYING to go roller skating and Justin swears we are going to go soon! Grab your favorite meal to cook (maybe some steak and potatoes?), your favorite bottle of wine/beer, and eat up! Then go out to the roller rink, hold hands and fly around like you're straight out of the 80's. There's always something fun and silly about trying new things/stepping out of your comfort zone with your S/O. Roller Skating may be a pastime, but I think you'd get some great laughs and a good work out in! (Average cost: $65 - about $12/pp for roller skating. Dinner could average between $20-$40 depending on your meal choice that night.)

3. Craft Night

Something fun and different may be one of those BYOB painting/craft places. It's a cute, romantic and fun night painting a cute painting together or making a wooden sign to hang in the house. You could even see if there are pottery classes - have a total 'Ghost' moment (and if you don't know what i'm talking about I will just leave this here). These classes can be a bit pricey (anywhere from $35/pp to $100/pp) so if you're wanting to take a more DIY route, grab some paint and supplies at Hobby Lobby or a local craft store (always look for coupons, too) and have your own craft night at home in your PJ's with your favorite music.

4. Night at Home

If you're anything like me, some of the best dates I think are spent at home. Pick your favorite rom-com, grab all the $1 snacks you can at the Dollar Tree or Walmart, get the best grocery store wine you secretly love, a blanket, and your honey. This whole date could cost you less than $10 and you get to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Spice it up with some of your favorite candles and you've got yourself one of the most romantic date nights!

5. Have a Second First Date

What's more romantic than going back to where it all began? Not only is this romantic because you get to go back to where the flame first sparked, but it brings back a lot of those feelings and memories from the beginning of your relationship. It is such a great way to reminisce, laugh, and enjoy each other's company - a perfect deja vu Valentine's Day.


6. Spa Day

This one is a pricier idea, but if you have the time and money, make a couples spa appointment. Facials and couples massage - maybe a hydrosoak session? It's a perfect time to relax together and decompose from all of the day to day stressors. Check Groupon for local deals, or be prepared for a price tag of around $280/pp. (Save some money and have a DIY spa night at home by Pinteresting DIY face masks using kitchen items then give each other massages!)

7. Game Night

This can be at your local Dave & Busters - or if you're lucky enough to have an arcade bar. You could even play your favorite board games at home. Whatever you choose, grab your favorite beverages and challenge each other to some loving competition! (free - $50)

8. Night Out on the Town

Get all dressed up, make some fancy dinner reservations, and explore your city like tourists. Make out at the city overlook like teenagers after prom and just have fun! We all love a night every once in a while to get decked out from head to toe - and what better time than on Valentine's Day? Wear that sexy dress you've been saving for a special occasion, and have a night out living like the rich and famous. This doesn't have to be an expensive date (besides dinner) - just walk around the city like you've just come from the hottest private party and enjoy the time together. 

I'd love to hear all about your Valentine's Day plans (and secretly, I love hearing new date ideas)! I hope you all have the best Valentine's Day with your partners. 

Love always,