Wedding Style Inspiration: My Favorite Looks for Each Season

Since planning my wedding, I have come across so many different inspiration ideas for wedding schemes! I wish that we could throw 4 weddings so that we could get married in every season & i'd be able to style it accordingly. And while there are so many different colors schemes and ideas that I LOVE, we only get one wedding which means only 1 set of colors/decor. To help me release some of that creative energy, I decided to share my favorite design/palette ideas for each season to help inspire you! 


When I think of the kind of winter wedding I would want, the first thing that comes to my mind is warmth. Warm colors, dimly lit room, lots of candles. Winter screams romance to me - the cold gives you a great excuse to cuddle up, the hues of white leave tons of room for pops of colors like reds and so much more. Winter makes me love the idea of an elegant ceremony and a reception that takes that idea and kicks it up a notch. 



For the spring, I love the idea of a brunch wedding! Clean and classic, mimosa bar, and the option to have breakfast foods AND lunch foods?! Count me in. I love the atmosphere of spring - and pairing it with simple linens, greenery, and baby's breath makes for a perfect wedding day!

spring 2.jpg
spring 3.jpg
spring 5.jpg
spring 8.jpg
spring 1.jpg
spring 4.jpg


For summer, I really enjoy the idea of an outdoor, colorful, and fun wedding! Lawn games and a huge tent on a open piece of land - there is so much room for DIY with this! I wish Justin and I could get married up on the side of the river he and his family go to every summer. If we had decided on that, I would have loved for it to be just like this!

summer 1.jpg
summer 5.jpg
summer 7.jpg
summer 2.jpg
summer 6.jpg
summer 8.jpg


Last but certainly not least is fall. It just so happens that our wedding day is also the first day of fall this year. It is my absolute favorite season and although Nashville's weather is summery, I am definitely going all out on fall decor. I love deep reds and dark blues for fall while still incorporating the natural beauty of the trees and greens.

fall 1.jpg
fall 4.jpg
fall 6.jpg
fall 8.jpg
fall 2.jpg
fall 3.jpg
fall 5.jpg
fall 7.jpg

There are so many amazing and different ways to style each season for your wedding. I am so excited to see all the ideas I have finally start coming to life within these next few months! Pinterest has been the biggest life saver when it comes to inspiration and ideas so as always, I highly recommend looking there for some other ideas if mine above don't tickle your fancy!

I'd love to hear all about your wedding style! Was an idea I had something you would love?! Tell me about it! You can use my contacts page or message me through Instagram! Your feedback and love is always appreciated!

Love always,

*I do not own any of these photos. All were taken from and found on Pictures only used for reference.*