Another Blog About Lifestyle & Weddings?

I know what you're thinking - "there are already so many blogs about weddings and lifestyles, why would I need to read another one?" & that is totally fair. Before I moved to Nashville, I never read or looked at personal blogs. But once here,  I started following some amazing lifestyle and beauty bloggers and it wasn't until then that I really appreciated and realized the importance of them. I'm sure another thought you're having right now is "well, how is yours different?" and that's where my story comes in.

If you haven't made it over to my About page yet, then let me introduce myself. I am Samantha Mehall, Sam for short. I am originally from Scranton, PA and moved to Nashville, TN in January of 2016. I live with my now fiance, Justin, our dog Daisy, our kitten Zoey, my roommates Evan and Ariana and their fur babies Charlie and Jasper on the west side of town. I work full time at a high end plumbing and tile showroom and have just decided to use my free time starting this blog. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner, a stress-er, and a need to do-er. I panic in the moment about things happening months from now and even plan things before they even happen. Which brings me to my blog. Justin and I have been dating 4 years - 2 1/2 of those were long distance until we moved here together. He and I have always been very open about marrying one another. We've known from the very start that there wasn't anyone else in the world for us and I truly couldn't imagine my life without him. In March of this year, we started seriously talking about getting engaged and starting that new, big chapter in our lives. So we took a Saturday and headed to Shane Company to get some ideas (which, by the way, if you're in the Nashville area, or near any of the locations, definitely check them out. We had an amazing experience). Since then, I have been planning our big day - researching venues, pricing, DJ's, photographers, etc. I realized while over-analyzing these details that the information I really needed wasn't available to me. I actually googled "how do you pay for a wedding" because home girl has no clue! There are so many things that I don't know that I just wished there was a list to tell me literally everything without hiring a planner (because if i'm googling how to pay for a wedding, we clearly cannot afford a planner). 

There were so many blogs out there about couples who had these gorgeous, extravagant weddings that I would love, but are definitely out of our price range. I started wondering how many girls and guys out there are like me - who just want someone to spell it out for them in the way that I also wanted while keeping a modest, affordable-ish budget in mind. In that moment I realized that I finally had something to start and put in motion. I had been wanting to start a blog for so long but never knew what to talk about. Now, here we are. 

This blog is going to be a mixture of things. I'll be taking you along on our wedding planning journey, showing you around Nashville and our favorite places, and giving you a glimpse into our lives. I hope this blog is everything I intended it to be and can't wait to share this journey with you! 

Love always -