Engagement Ring Shopping - Should You Go?

Every girl thinks about their dream engagement ring. Even if we don't know exactly what we want, most of us know what we don't want. It isn't easy bringing up the whole engagement ring topic sometimes, but if you and your fiance are open about those things and you have a few suggestions/ideas about what you want yours to look like, then you should definitely let him know. Some guys are very confident in themselves when it comes to this, but if you're a specific kind of gal and he knows it, he is going to want your opinion! The biggest question of all though is whether or not you should both go engagement ring shopping together for ideas. Here is why I think you should DEFINITELY go:

1. You may think you love something, but realize you really don't. That pear shaped diamond you've always dreamed of is finally slipped on to your finger and when you look down, you realize that it just is NOT what you thought it was. Crisis averted though because now you can take it off and never look at one again!

2. You may think you hate something, but realize you actually love it! A friend of mine never even considered a halo and said it was something she didn't want. But when she went and looked at rings, she fell in love with just that. Moral of the story, don't knock it until you try it! You could be missing out on the ring of your dreams by crossing something off of your list before even looking!

3. They can size your finger if you don't know your ring size. I had not any clue what size ring I needed. I never got sized and Justin would never know how to ask me without ruining everything. We started looking at rings back in March (he didn't propose until September) and I got my finger sized then. He took notes and so did the jeweler so whenever he went back, they had all my information there to pull up! 

4. It's a great way for your and your significant other to design something you both love. I think that was the best part of all. Justin and I went to two different places and in each place had two completely different ring styles - one we had a blue sapphire with smaller diamonds on the sides, and at the other place we looked at marquise, single diamonds. I loved them both and it still left an element of surprise when he proposed because I wasn't sure which one he actually chose! This way, you both pick out things you love, it gives him some ideas, and you can walk away feeling confident that you are both on the same page! 

Talking about getting engaged with your significant other is such a taboo in our society. We are somehow under this conception that it needs to be a surprise from the ring to the proposal. But not talking about taking that next step together isn't right for everyone! For me, I really felt like it brought Justin and I closer. It made us so excited for our future together. It's definitely an awkward topic to bring up no matter how comfortable you are with each other, but it gives you a chance to see where the other is at. It was six months from the time we started talking about getting engaged and looking at rings to when he finally proposed and not one part of me wasn’t surprised. Going shopping didn't ruin that element for me, and I have a ring that Justin designed using some ideas we both came up with together. If the topic of engagements comes up, or you feel the time is right to start talking about it, bring it up to your partner and suggest going together! I don't regret a single thing and would recommend everyone to at least go looking once to really get to know what you want and love!

Love always,