Just a Life Update

There has been so much going on in Justin and I's lives lately. Between wedding planning, the showroom I work at moving, and the holiday's that are coming up, I feel like we're in this whirlwind of never ending events. But for once, it's a great whirlwind to be in. 

These next two months are going to be jam packed with things. Today, Justin and I are traveling to Gatlinburg, TN to stay the night because tomorrow, we get our engagement pictures done in North Carolina! It's a bit of a drive, and you're probably wondering why we're driving 4 1/2 hours to get engagement pictures, but sometimes you have to be adventurous and spontaneous to get what you want! When our photographer (Asher, who if you need a wedding photographer, book him. Trust me.) asked what I wanted as the setting for our photos, I thought he was going to drop us right there because my response was "well, I'd love some mountains, but also a valley, and maybe some forest and trees?"- needle in a haystack amiright? As soon as I sent it, I looked at Justin and told him that Asher was going to think I'm crazy. Within seconds though he responded with Max Patch Mountain - a place that has literally everything I wanted. So, we all agreed we'd meet there this weekend and take some pretty amazing engagement photos so you could say i'm just a little excited for that. So stay tuned for those!

The weekend of the 17th Justin's mom, my mom, and my youngest sister are coming to Nashville and we're going to look at wedding dresses! Wedding planning has been such a  breeze for us so far - I have no idea why, and i'll probably regret saying that because i'm sure now that it's out in the universe, something will happen. But we got so much done our first month engaged that sometimes it doesn't feel like we're actually getting married, so going wedding dress shopping I think will really help it sink in. It's a moment most of us dream about our whole lives and now that the days are getting closer, I'm starting to get overwhelmed with the best kind of emotions. Knowing i'll be picking out the dress I get to wear the day I marry my best friend is pretty surreal. I just can't wait!

The weekend after that is Thanksgiving and we'll be spending that here in Nashville again with our roommates. Then we'll be into Christmas where Justin's family and mine will be spending it together in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains! SO. MUCH. to look forward to.

In the midst of all that we're still planning a few minor wedding things like linen/table rental companies, we'll also probably start looking at places for his suit. A friend of mine just got married and used a website called Bloominus for her wedding flowers that she suggested to me, so i'm waiting to hear back to start a consultation for those. If you're looking for cheap but STUNNING (and I mean absolutely stunning) flowers, check this website out. They can customize any way you like and they're at half the cost of flowers from shops. Once I have my consultation with them, i'll write a blog post explaining who they are but after seeing my friends wedding bouquet and hearing about her experience (and seeing their prices) - i'm pretty hooked! 

I'm going to try and start writing some blog posts about what we've already planned and how we've booked everything (our venue/questions to make sure to ask them, DJ's, hair/makeup etc.) to give you an idea of what worked for us and how this has been so easy.

Just, so many things y'all - so many, fun, happy, crazy-this-is-happening-to-me things going on. I'm so grateful for life, our families, Justin and all of you. I hope you have an amazing weekend. xoxo

Love always,